Sunday, July 5, 2009

July Garden Report

This morning I was tending my garden.  The backyard is on the North side of the house, it is a very cool, pleasant place to be in the morning.  I find it kind of peaceful to be back here, looking over the plants and checking on their progress.  Well, there are little interruptions in my tranquility whenever I see aphids and cabbageworms.  Then again, gardening is like life, it throws curveballs and aphids your direction.  Things do fall into place, even if the cabbageworm nibbles on the Kohlrabbi.

I am starting to see Zucchini growing and really have enjoyed the flowers that this plant has bloomed.  It was fascinating to see that this flower closed when the temperature got hot and then opened up again once it had cooled down.

While I have had a stead diet of leafy greens, I am starting to get broccoli as well.  It has been a regular ritual to step outside with my basket and scissors and clip something off for dinner or lunch.

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