Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trail Tending

Today I rebelled against doing household chores and went out into the woods.  But I was not completely goofing off, as I was performing trail maintenance with the Mazamas.  In June I wrote about my appreciation for trail maintenance crews after going cross country on Hunchback Mountain.  It was time, I felt, to practice what I preached.

Today we were working on the Trapper Creek Trail in Southwest Washington.  It actually was not that strenuous.  Most of the work that I did was brush clearing and taking out plants that had the unfortunate luck of sprouting out in the middle of the trail.

I must say that I got more out of this than the feeling of satisfaction from volunteer work.  When hiking or climbing, it is easy to focus on the destination.  However, with trail maintenance one is often pausing to work on a particular section of the trail.  I found that I had ample opportunities to soak in the the beauty of the old growth forest that we were passing through.

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