Friday, September 26, 2008

St Johns Theater and Pub

I had a McMenamins Gift Certificate that was burning a hole in my wallet, so this evening I went to the St. Johns Theater and Pub in downtown Saint Johns.  This is one of the McMenamins where one can catch a second run movie.  While this theater pub does not have the atmosphere of the Baghdad Theater, it makes up by being very cozy.  The theater is under the dome of this building that was built for Portland's Lewis and Clark Exposition.  

This evening I saw the film Wall-E.  There is a scene in this movie where our robot hero is riding on the outside of a spaceship through our solar systems, spellbound by the views.   It reminded me of when the Voyager probes were approaching the planets of the outer solar system.  As I marveled at the photos of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, I could not help to wonder what the view would have been like.

As I biked from my house to the pub I ran into a crowd of folks at the corner of Fessenden and Midway, all carrying signs.  It seems my neighbor activists were sick and tired of cars driving too fast through the area, so they were trying to do something about it.  Power to the people!!

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