Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winter Weekend

I started the year by attending the Adventurous Young Mazamas Winter Weekend at Mazama Lodge, located at Government Camp, Oregon.
With the car loaded with fellow AYMers and gear, I drove up to the Lodge Friday night, arriving for dinner and various card/board games.  I was fortunate to arrive before a car accident on Highway 26, which delayed some people for a hour.  It was sobering to hear that this accident was a fatal head on collision.

Saturday morning I led eight others on a snowshoe hike.  The sky was overcast as we hiked up the trail to Mirror Lake.  As we paused at the lake we saw our goal, Tom Dick and Harry Mountain.  For awhile the trail was already broken, but as we started up the steep ridge I started to break our own trail through the powder snow.  About halfway there I let another o
f our group break the trail.  We reached the summit of Tom about two hours after departing the trailhead.  As for Dick and Harry, they are off limits to protect falcon nesting areas.   After enjoying the views of the snow covered trees in the Zigzag River Valley we sought shelter from the wind as we ate a quick lunch.  We hike and slid down the ridge back to the lake, feeling good humored from a stellar experience in a winter wonderland.

As we returned we discovered that the lodge was without power.  Since the dining room has large windows and a fireplace, this was not a problem.  We relaxed there, socializing and playing various board games.  That day I played two games of Settlers of Catan.  I also braved the snow slopes for some late night sledding.

Sunday I lead another snowshow hike, this time I opted not to drive to a trailhead and to
explore the various trails near the lodge.  We followed the Barlow Trail to Summit Meadows, blazing a trail though the powder snow.  Along the way we saw several other Mazamas from the Nordic Class that was holding a field session in the area.  For the drive home I had to put chains on the car.  It was a little challenging getting the chains on the car, but I got by with a little help from my friends.

Now I am back at home, getting set for the coming week.  You know what, I had so much fun at the Lodge, I think I'll go back next weekend...

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