Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a Small World...

After work a co-worker and I biked south towards downtown Portland.  Although it was cold out, the moon was nearly full and Mt. Hood was pink from the setting sun.   A great day to be out on our bikes.  My friend was  heading home and I was going to the Adventurous Young Mazamas Pub Night.  It was fun to bike along with another cyclist, both of us working as a team to make sure that intersections were clear of cars.  As we descended a steady hill I noticed how my friend took care in positioning himself  in relationship with the cars that were also going along us.

At the Bridgeport Brewpub I was delighted to meet a friend of my brother, who had just moved to Portland from Charlotte.  As I listened to him describe his exploration of various Portland neighborhoods, I could not help to think of myself when I had moved here nine years ago. 

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