Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pedalpalooza: Sunset Heron Ride

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike on a golf course? Well, I got the chance while participating in the Sunset Heron Ride in North Portland. This ride was part of Pedalpalooza, which is more than two weeks of bike rides in Portland with various themes.

Our ride started out at the foot of the Paul Bunyan Statue in the Kenton Neighborhood. What followed was a mellow ride through the Heron Lakes Golf Course and along the Columbia Slough Trail.

Our first stop was at Force lake, were we watched the swallows skimming over the lake, eating their body weight in insects. It was also trilling to watch a Great Blue Heron (the Portland city bird) fly across the lake.

Then we continued on to the Great Blue Heron Rookery at the 7th hole of the golf course. For those of you who were wondering what I'm talking about, a rookery is a collect of nests. We also spotted a Flicker.

It was very pleasant to bike along in the evening twilight. There was a slight breeze that rustled the reeds that surrounded the various bodies of water. The only disappointment about this ride that very few participants were interested in going out for a drink afterwards. Even the person that won a free beer by being the first to spot a Great Blue Heron.

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