Monday, September 6, 2010

Round the Mountain: Different Views of Mt Hood

I spent the Labor Day weekend hiking (not backpacking) most of the way around Mount Hood. During each day of the holiday weekend I hiked a 14 mile segment of the Timberline Trail. Day One was from Ramona Falls to Timberline, Day Two from Timberline to Cloud Cap Inn, and Day Three was from Elk Grove to Top Spur. Thanks to the Mazamas I was able to spend the night at their lodge with a hot shower, hot meal, and a roof over my head.

Here is our route.

I gained a better appreciation of the geography of the area surrounding Mt Hood. I also got to see how the landscape varied. Here are some different perspectives of Oregon's highest mountain.

From the Southwest: Paradise Park

From the South: Timberline

From the Southeast: The Newton Clark Glacier from Laberson Butte

South View: Cooper Spur

Northest View: From Cairn Basin


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