Tuesday, May 26, 2009

City of Rocks

One of the things that delishts me about my participation with the Mazamas is that it takes me to such wonderful places that I did not know existed.  Memorial Day weekend was a case in point as our Advanced Rock class went to City of Rocks National Reserve in Southern Idaho.   It certainly was worth the eleven hour drive.  The City is a cluster of granite spires and monoliths that resemble a silent city.

It was amazing to climb on the granite.  The surface of the corse rock really gripped my rock shoes, allowing me to effectivily smear the soles for good footholds.

I spent most of Saturday with James Jula, yet another Mazamas Climb Leader who has given me plenty of feedback and encouragement.  I would lead the pitch and then belay James up, who would evaluate how I did.  I ended leading four pitches that day, enough to finish the second of three evaluations needed to complete the class. At one point we had to put our climbing plans on hold as an afternoon lightning storm broke loose.

Sunday morning started out with rain, so we did a little hiking.  When the skies cleared up I put my climbing harness back on for some top roping.

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