Thursday, January 15, 2009

Provisional Climb Leader

Thursday evening I learned that the Mazamas had promoted me to Provisional Climb Leader.  Getting to this point was one of my main goals in 2008 and it has been a fun ride.  Granted, I would have been doing many of these activities anyway, like helping out with the basic and intermediate climbing classes, and serving as an Assistant Climb Leader.  What was different was that Climb Leadership Development gave me focus.  It put me in the position to step out a little more and benefit from the experience.  Also important for me was to enjoy the process and not to fixate myself on its completion.  This was helpful when I experienced a couple of setbacks. 

I received notice of my promotion just before getting together for a beer with Paul Steger, who was the first of the Mazamas Climb Leaders to give me the chance to serve as their Assistant Climb Leader.  It just felt right to have Paul be the first to tell the good news.

The next step is that I have to lead three climbs in the capacity of a probationary leader.   That means I have to plan and lead the climbs, while a full fledged climb leader will serve as my assistant and then evaluate me.


Anne said...

Congratulations, Andrew!
-Anne & Anton

Unknown said...

Good luck! Don't drop your belay device or they will make you get another one.