Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teacup Lake

We were quite concerned as we drove to the cross country ski trails at Mt Hood's Teacup Lake. Passing through nearby Government Camp we saw very little snow on the ground. Thankfully conditions were better at our destination. The sky was blue, the snow was not too fast, and the crowds were light. Perhaps everyone had hear about the lousy snow conditions this year and forgotten about the ski trails.

This was my first time skiing for the year. I had signed up for the Mazamas Nordic class in January, but missed all sessions due to illness. Until last November, it had been more than a decade since I had clipped into a pair of XC skis. I was delighted how fast all the skills that I had learned as a boy came back to me. As I fell into a steady rhythm and glided along I savored every moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

We had a great time skiing at Teacup with you - thanks for suggesting the downhill run, it was quite a thrill.