Monday, February 22, 2010

Disc Golf

This weekend I dusted off my discs and headed to North Portland's Pier Park for a round of disc golf. It has been months since I last tossed my drivers and putters about as disc golf usually gets second fiddle to my other hobbies. Since I was looking for a mellow outdoor activity this sunny weekend, disc golf seemed like the logical choice.

I am fortunate to have an 18 hole course just over a mile from my front door. Even better was that my friend Len came over to join me for the afternoon. Thankfully my extended absence did not impact the quality of my play most of the time. And once again I was reminded how much I enjoy watching the disc gracefully arc through the air. It is even better when it avoids tree trunks and branches. The only drawback was that most of the course was shaded by the trees, so we did not get as much sun time as I would have liked.

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