Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sink the Pink

No, the title is not NOT referring to the AC/DC song.  When I told my friend Eileen that I was in Advanced Rock, she told me to sink the pink.  I was puzzled by the comment, but I think I get it now.  She was referring to the Size 0.5 Tricam from Camp, which has a pink sling.  This is the only rock protection piece that I know of that has inspired a poem, Charles Danforth's Ode to a Pink Tricam.  

I have brought this up because the Pink Tricam played a big role for me this weekend.  I have been getting a taste of lead climbing this week.    Thursday I started a Lead Climbing clinic at the Club Sport rock gym as part of the Advanced Rock class.  We didn't do any climbing, but we practiced on a fundamentals such properly clipping in (important) and lead belaying.  Then on Saturday we had a field session where we did some simulated lead climbing.  Our task was to climb halfway up the vertical wall at Rocky Butte and build a multi-directional anchor.  Using this anchor we would rappel back down.  The climber would be backup by a belay through the top rope anchor that we built up above.  While we climbed up we would periodically place rock protection.  Climbing up rock is hard work, I discovered that placing protection is even harder.  The first time I was attempting to do so I was struggling, but my belayer encourage me to hang in there.  I saw a horizontal crack so pulled out my pink Tricamp, slipped it in snug, and clipped in.  Success!

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