Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mazamas Advanced Rock

Tuesday was the first lecture of the Mazamas Advanced Rock class that I am taking.  This year the class is coordinated by Ryan Christie, who was a fellow Intermediate Climbing School student with me a couple of years ago.  The Assistant Coordinator is Eugene Lewins, who I climbed with up Mt. Washington in the Oregon Cascades this past summer.  This class is going to keep me busy this Spring and I am really looking forward to the upcoming lectures and field session.   

There was mainly an introductory focus for our first lecture.  Someone from Climb Max Mountaineering gave a talk on climbing gear.  We were encouraged from holding off on going on spending spree right away.  Instead we were advised to try out the gear the instructors have and then decide what kind of climbing rack to build.

The most valuable part was when Ryan reminded us not to let personal egos dominate our climbing.  I could see how it could happen in this activity, just as any other.  My main goal for this is to improve my ability to build anchors and learn how to place rock protection.  While I am interested in improving my ability to rock climb, it is not my main focus.

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