Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow in Portland

I am going through bike withdrawal.  Looking at I see there are those who have been biking through he streets of Stumptown, but that is beyond my comfort level.  So, my work commute has been a mixture of walking to work and taking the bus.  Actually, the one time I took the bus to work it broke down halfway there.  My supervisor was kind enough to drive out and rescue me.  Just about each day the last week one of my co-workers has asked me if I have rode my bike, as if they were checking to see if I had any common sense.

Finally we were spared the torture of the weather trying to decide whether to snow or rain.  The first photo was taken Saturday afternoon.  The second image was captured Sunday morning.  I had several events canceled or rescheduled this week, including the Sing Along Messiah, getting together with a friend for a beer, an AYM hike, and hosting some friends at my place after a Waltz dance lesson.  As disappointing as the the loss of those social opportunities, I was grateful for the cozy feeling of watching the snow flakes fall as I gazed out the window.  I keep reminding myself to count my blessings.

You may notice there is less snow on the roofs in the second photo, which is a sign of the winds that have been blowing here.

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