Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where Angels Rest

For years since I have been dropping hints to my scouting friend Scott that he is welcome to visit me here in Stumptown.  This weekend he and his girlfriend Christine were in town and they paid me a visit.  We were not content to just sit around, instead we drove out to the Columbia River Gorge for a hike to Angels Rest.  Not only was the weather stellar, but there was abundant Larkspur blooming on both sides of the trail.  Up on the top of this massive outcroping we snagged the bench and soaked in the magnificent views, without the gusts of wind that often plague the gorge.  During our descent I was very pleased to cross paths with several of my Mazamas friends.  They were on their way up to have a potluck dinner.

Back in Portland, we cleaned up and then headed to the McMenimans Ringlers Pub to meet some of Scott and Christine's friends.  It was surprisingly sparse inside this one time automotive service garage - perhaps everyone was outside because of the nice weather.  This is one of the McMenimans were smoking is allowed.  Thankfully the low number of patrons spared my clothes of reeking of second hand smoke.  As I worked on my Black Bean Burrito the weather took a turn for the worse.  Thunder and lightning were crashing through the air and the rain was falling hard.  It was a wet dash for the car.


Anonymous said...

Keep training. Summer 2009 is coming up soon and there may need to be a trip to the Olympics to revisit Muncaster Basin or perhaps the scree slopes of Mt Cameron.

North Carolina Tile Installation said...

Good rreading