Sunday, April 20, 2008

Exercise on sitting still

This weekend I made the right decision.  Then I made the wrong decision.  Then I made the right decision.  It is pretty typical for me.  I am still feeling the effects of that unplanned pendulum swing that I took while rappelling at Horsethief Butte last Sunday.  So, all week I drove to work, didn't take any walks during lunchtime and did not swim laps at the local pool.  I really missed these activities.  After the navigation practice on Thursday it became clear that I should not go up to Timberline with our team for the Snow Field Session.  I missed this even more.  At times I notice improvement in my leg.  However, it is hard to stay off my feet, which I should be doing.  Especially when I have flowers that my neighbors gave me that I wanted to get into the ground.  Whenever I cook or iron my shirts, I'm on my feet.  I did resist the temptation to mow the lawn and wash the car.  I did spent time just sitting in the easy chair, just watching out the window.  Perhaps recovering from an injury is like climbing up a scree slope, give yourself credit for the two steps up and don't lose faith when you slide back one.

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